Kom Trainee – young competence in an exciting region!

In 2006 fourteen different companies in the area of Kristiansund-Molde started the trainee program Kom Trainee. Kom Trainee helps young people with a high level of skill to direct their focus towards Kristiansund and the surrounding area. By announcing job positions and employing five to seven trainees each year, the region continues to increase its brain capacity – and the trainees get a unique start to their working career! Today 14 companies, with a wide professional expertise, join Kom Trainee. These companies represent different lines of business within both public and private sectors. You can view the different member companies here.

The trainees are employed for a period of two years, and will go through modules of eight months in different companies. In addition to being placed in the companies, the trainees are offered a program consisting of themes like communication, media handling, project management and stress management. This program and other joint activities take place in Norwegian.

The trainees get to participate in challenging job tasks in an exciting and innovative network of companies. The Kristiansund region is now experiencing a very positive growth and the business community is making strong progress. Those who are offered a position as a Kom Trainee will increase their work skill and broaden both their professional and social network during these two years.

At all times there are two trainee groups working in the trainee program. A new group of trainees start to work in late August each year. Kom Trainee has employed 50 motivated and skilled trainees, all with different kinds of education. In Kom Trainee the member companies focus on hiring a group of trainees with broad abilities and skill. Desired backgrounds can be technical, economic, health, media, pedagogy, law or social science. 

The co-operation between the member companies for competence, development, recruiting, work development and joint industry related projects has made Kom Trainee distinguish itself as a central network in the Kristiansund region.

For more information about Kristiansund and Nordmøre, go to www.visitkristiansund.com.

The next opportunity to become a Kom Trainee will be in February 2017. You will find an electronic application form here. The application form is in Norwegian only.